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New Operation coming up!

Operation Frozen Legacy is taking place October 19-21. During the Operation you can get 20 prizes including a unique prize “Replication Artifact” that will create a copy of a deploying unit. Good luck, Commanders!

Commanders, Operation Molten Core has started!

If you participated in the previous operation, then some of the points you scored were transferred into Operation Molten Core, making it easier for you to get the Rampage Artifact. Operation rules: *New balance *10 building drones *10x faster building *48 hours for the Operation Good luck, commanders! May the strongest win!

New Operation!

Commanders, Operation Molten Core is scheduled for September 21-23!   You will fight to win 20 prizes, and the best of you will get a Rampage Artifact that gives a chance to deploy units with increased health and damage.   Good luck, Commanders, and may the strongest win!

Operation Quantum Leap has started!

Commanders, if you participated in the previous operation, then some of the points you scored were transferred to the Operation Quantum Leap making it easier for you to get the Quantum Artifact.   Operation rules:  * A complete rebalance of the units and towers: Tesla Tower deals heavy targeted damage in small area. The attack speed has been decreased. Infantry takes two slots in the Starport. OAV attacks the area from long distance. Mines deal damage not only to the walls, but also to neighbouring buildings. The range of the Protoplasm emitter has been increased. Damage resistance of Battlecruiser has been increased...

Update – Evolution of the Artifacts!

Commanders, your favourite Artifacts are getting a full-scale upgrade! Now by fusing any two Artifacts you will get a super-powerful one! You will also be able to select the type of the Artifact you want to get in the end. In addition, more options for managing your Artifacts are waiting for you: the Artifacts can now be ejected and assigned to any unit you wish. Greater power to you, Commanders!

Heroes are in the game!

Commanders, it’s time to enhance your army with powerful Heroes! Please welcome: Hannibal - a forceful tank created specifically to draw off enemy fire and defend your troops. Aceso - supports the troops by restoring their health. Fate - is perfect for aggressive attacks and can deal critical damage to enemy bases. Every Hero has: * Ability * Equipment * Level * Rank Ranks can be upgraded with Hero Cards which are obtainable during Operations. It’s time to go from zero to hero! Into the battles for the Galaxy!

Battle for the Galaxy: Operations

New game mode: 20 astonishing rewards! Commanders, new game mode - Operations - is arriving soon so it's time to find out about the rewards. Reserve some slots for new Rare and Legendary Modules, Medals, Antimatter and Crystals: accomplished missions in Operations will be very rewarding! Complete full Operation and all missions to get a unique reward - Resurrection Artifact! Artifact is extremely powerful because it has an ability resurrect your fallen units upon death! Follow our pages in social networks to be the first to know about game updates! Good luck playing :)

Battle for the Galaxy 2.0 Released
Battle for the Galaxy 2.0 is out!

Commanders, start your engines! New update 2.0 is out and available for download! We’d like to thank you for your support and feedback. Such massive updates would be impossible without you. What’s new in Update 2.0? * Seasons and Ranks: Get ready for an exciting competition with Commanders from every corner of the Galaxy! Earn Medals, be promoted to higher Ranks and harvest fruitful rewards at the end of each month. * Corporate Wars Remastered: Join a War whenever you like and launch relentless assaults on 10 unique enemy bases. Show the best results to win and get Modules, Antimatter...

Battle for the Galaxy reached 9 million players

This year Battle for the Galaxy reached 9000000 players worldwide, and the number increases drastically! With the release of web version in summer 2016, Battle for the Galaxy became truly cross-platform project, available to both mobile users on iOS and Android platforms and desktop users with Mac, Windows or Linux system. With our continuous support and release of monthly updates the game becomes more and more popular across the universe! So if you were absent in game, don't forget to get the latest version and have some fun wiping other players bases and defending your own. Lets meet on a...


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