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Halloween Battle for the Galaxy
Halloween Wars

Trick or treat, Commanders! To celebrate the scariest holiday of the year, we've enabled triple rewards for Corporate Wars for a week! This is not the only change: your bases landscapes will turn into Red Planet for the same period. Good luck playing and Happy Halloween! PLAY IT IN BROWSER PLAY ON IOS PLAY ON ANDROID

Find modules with Augmented Reality on iOS

With the release of iOS 11 it would be a shame for us not to implement a new Augmented Reality feature into the game. Why? There are few points: It’s a cool new feature, and we were always using the cutting edge technology in our game. It’s a good opportunity to get noticed by App Store marketing team and get extra promotion on that platform, to attract new players. I’ll remind you about one of the mechanics we have in game - modules - for both your defensive buildings and army you can use modules, which will give a permanent...

Battle for the Galaxy 2.0 Released
Battle for the Galaxy 2.0 is out!

Commanders, start your engines! New update 2.0 is out and available for download! We’d like to thank you for your support and feedback. Such massive updates would be impossible without you. What’s new in Update 2.0? * Seasons and Ranks: Get ready for an exciting competition with Commanders from every corner of the Galaxy! Earn Medals, be promoted to higher Ranks and harvest fruitful rewards at the end of each month. * Corporate Wars Remastered: Join a War whenever you like and launch relentless assaults on 10 unique enemy bases. Show the best results to win and get Modules, Antimatter...

corporate wars 1.23 changes
Battle for the Galaxy 1.23 Update Sneak Peek pt.3

​ ​Changes to corporate wars details:​ Wars in update 1.23 would require some cohesion from your Corporations. Previously, the best Corporation was defined by the amount of Warpoints, but with new update the system is going to change! The victory would no longer be dependent on players’ tenacity but on their skill and tactical techniques. You will be able to choose when you would like to join a Corporate War. The competition will last for 24 hours since the formation of a war group. All the Corporation members will be offered to show their skill attacking 10 bases. In the...

Battle for the Galaxy
Battle for the Galaxy 1.23 Update Sneak Peek pt.2

Greetings, Commanders! Some exclusive info about Season's rewards: At the end of each month you will receive rewards based on the Rank you've acquired. Get as high as you can in the Leaderboard to receive tons of Crystals and Modules for your Troops and Defenses. But the rarest and the best reward awaits for those who will get to the very top and claim the Galaxy General Rank. Everyone will know that you're the living legend, and the permanent golden nickname will prove it. Each Season a certain amount of your medals will be preserved, so you won't have to...

Battle for the Galaxy reached 9 million players

This year Battle for the Galaxy reached 9000000 players worldwide, and the number increases drastically! With the release of web version in summer 2016, Battle for the Galaxy became truly cross-platform project, available to both mobile users on iOS and Android platforms and desktop users with Mac, Windows or Linux system. With our continuous support and release of monthly updates the game becomes more and more popular across the universe! So if you were absent in game, don't forget to get the latest version and have some fun wiping other players bases and defending your own. Lets meet on a...


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