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Touch Arcade: Epic War TD 2: Hardcore Tower Defense Goodness

Balancing a tower defense title properly is a pretty tough task. Make a game too easy and players may lose interest in advancing through the game’s missions and difficulty. On the other hand, an incredibly difficult TD title can potentially alienate a lot of prospective players. Epic War TD 2 [$2.99] by AMT Games leans heavily on the difficult side in terms of the TD spectrum. However, the game is balanced well enough that most TD gamers can succeed while optional modes provide a challenge for the hardcore fans. A sequel to a 2011 title, Epic War TD 2 gives...

Epic War TD 2 Featured on Google Play in Editor’s Choice

02.20.2015 - Epic War TD 2 was announced to be featured on Google Play, the premier store for distributing Android apps, in Editors' Choice selection. Editors’ Choice is a curated collection of apps that highlights some of the very best apps available on Android. Editors choose these apps for quality and great user interface, long-term popularity and innovative use of Android features.

[MORE] Top 5 Best New Android Strategy Games of January 2015

Welcome to the explosive sequel to Epic War TD (Tower Defense). The newest additions of this upgraded sequel includes nine towers, four mega towers, 44 types of enemies, 50 campaign missions to complete and plenty of armaments to employ for battle. You’ll need to manage your line of offensive items and fend off wave after wave of persistent enemies. The replayability factor is high here and the clean 3D visuals make the gory kills look amazing. Read on


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