Iron Bank Slot Machine Review: Pull off the heist of the century

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Build a team of bandits by recruiting some of the world's most infamous thieves to pull off the heist of the century at the Iron Bank slot machine. This bank is said to contain the most coveted treasures, but is designed to be completely robbery-proof. Put that to the test and have the chance to take home up to €40,000! Curious and want to know more? Learn everything you need to know in this Iron Bank review.

The RTP of Iron Bank slots has a percentage of 96.21%, play on Together with the numerous bonuses the game offers, you'll start filling your bags with cash and treasure in no time!

When it comes to visually engaging slot games, you can always expect Relax Gaming to offer an attractive option, and with the Iron Bank slot machine, they have proven that once again. In this fun and rewarding game, players enter a colorful, western-themed town where the owner of the Iron Bank holds valuable treasures.

This small strip of buildings is made more lively by sound design with the noise of a busy street. Lend your ears to the sound of barking dogs, chirping birds, and people talking in the distance and become immersed in this lonely town in the middle of the desert.

Open the game and jump right into its exciting heist theme involving a group of bandits who take the form of Curingas. These symbols are essential to their goal of pulling off the heist of the century, and they are led by none other than you.

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As for the Iron Bank grid itself, it mimics the look of a dollar bill with its rich green color and sharp frame. This slot houses the 6 reels that contain the symbols that you can win if you play your cards right with your team.

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