Mumbai Mirror: Not Exactly Epic, But a Fun Game, Nonetheless

Feb 10, 2015

Epic War TD, sticks to the basic requirements to be a good tower defense game, and while it’s not perfect, it does seem to add its two-bits of differentiation to make it worth a try.

Usually, tower defense game count on you using your own strategy to place units to get the right result, but in Epic War TD 2, it seems they’ve given it a more puzzle-like angle, where you will not get the optimum results unless you place and upgrade your units in a particular way. Not that we’re complaining about this unique take.

You’re graded on a three-star rating system, which is quite lenient, but is also the only currency you have to buy advanced units outside the maps. And once you’re done with a mission, there’s no point replaying it as there’s no reward to gain out of it.

That seems a bit too stiff for tower defense, even though it does come with 50 missions.

That said, Epic War TD 2 is definitely fun and challenging, besides being absolutely gorgeous.

It gives you all the action and explosions that you expect from the genre, while being unique with its puzzle element.

By Gagan Gupta

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