Android Community: AMT releases long-awaited sequel in Epic War TD 2

Feb 26, 2015

A tower defense game doesn’t have a lot of elements – this is why as relatively easy as it is to get it right, there are also a lot of opportunities to get it wrong. Epic War TD was a great tower defense game and a lot of people enjoyed that – so it was of utmost importance that gaming outfit AMT get the sequel right. They took two years to do it, and now we have Epic War TD 2.

Epic War TD 2 is a futuristic tower defense game filled with mecha. The main element in a TD game is the various kinds of towers you can build, and in this game there are a total of 13 – nine ‘normal’ towers and four ‘mega-towers’. All of them are upgradable, as can be expected, for you to be able to beat the different waves of enemies.

TD games can be heck enjoyable, as long as they are somewhat tough and requires a bit of thinking. Given freedom to mix and match towers, you’ll probably spend a lot of time playing. Epic War TD 2 has these qualities, so it should be a great deal of fun for TD gaming fans out there. The visuals in-game are topnotch, probably the best on any tower defense game out there.


If you want to try this out, it will cost you USD$2.99 via the Google Play Store. Check out the source link below for more information and the download link.

February 25, 2015

By John Hoff

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