Operation Desolation has started!

Jun 29, 2018

Operation Desolation has started!


Commanders, if you participated in the previous operation, then some of the points you scored were transferred to the Operation Desolation making it easier for you to get the Endurance Artifact. Also, we’ve upgraded current rewards to make them more attractive and added new ones: Hero Cards and Hero Modules.


Operation rules:

* 10 building drones

* 10x faster building

* 48 hours for the Operation

* New unit and tower balance

New rewards have been introduced:

  • Hero Cards
  • Rare and Legendary Hero modules
  • Overall reward value has been increased


The complete changelog of the reward system:

  1. Instant training x5
  2. Rare Tower module x1
  3. Hero Cards x5
  4. Antimatter x50
  5. Crystals x100
  6. Medals x1000
  7. Rare Technology module x1
  8. Rare Hero module x1
  9. Crystals x200
  10. Antimatter x200
  11. Hero Cards x10
  12. Rare Unit module x1
  13. Medals x5000
  14. Antimatter x500
  15. Hero Cards x30
  16. Legendary Technology module x1
  17. Medals x10000
  18. Legendary Unit module x1
  19. Legendary Hero module x1
  20. Endurance Artifact


Good luck, Commanders, and may the strongest win!