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Thread: 1.23 update Feedback

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    Thumbs up 1.23 update Feedback

    I think most of corp team mates are planning to move to some other multiplayer games after 1.23 update. 1.23 is very bad update no point growing in the league and no point being elite as every body is treated equal. People wanted to grow because you gain respect which is now not required. This is definitely not expected. if you fight Wars then you cannot loot and does not count in Missions , so you have to keep playing on and on which is not expected.
    Overall lots of us want to move on. Thanks to BFG!

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    Since the update that took the antimatter away from module sales i had lost interest in this game however i still jumped on each day and made 3 or 4 attacks on my 2 accounts. update 1.23 has killed off even that. I have since uninstalled btfg. To those that knew me i bid farewell. Ruin and Steed of War
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