Dear players!

We’re delighted to inform you that Update 1.20 contains several improvements and changes that will make the game significantly better.

Players can share replays of their epic battles in Corporate chat. The debriefing window that pops up at the end of each battle now contains a “Share” button. Not only can you send a replay to Corporate chat, but also add a short description!

Troop training: The training button now indicates the amount of idle Starports, reminds you to get ready for battle, and shows your training completion status.

Modules: Even experienced players have had certain questions about some module features. The newly redesigned and reworked interface and descriptive information tabs will provide answers to all your possible questions! You will see all the possible module features, as well as detailed guides about fusion, rarity and ways to obtain different modules. You will be able to see what modules you will exactly get in the new Fusion menu!

The rewards issues have all been fixed, and we thank you for your understanding! Prizes will no longer be affected by errors or timeouts.

We hope that these changes make the game even better and more enjoyable to play!

You can discuss the update in a special thread - here